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Cheer’s to “Right Here, Right Now”!!

We are a family of four that has decided to take a break from our everyday lives to travel to other parts of the earth. Our goal is to experience other cultures and learn as much as we can first hand of the history, diversity and beauty of our world. We will be traveling for over a year throughout Europe, Africa and SE Asia. To say the very least, we feel blessed and humbled to be able to take such a trip. One thing we have realized is that time fly’s by and can change in an instant so when we are experiencing something wonderful, no matter how big or small, we try to take a minute, take a deep breath, close our eyes and be thankful for “Right Here and Right Now” because we know we are truly blessed.

We are a family of four; Steve, Amy, Kendal (13 years old) and Keegan (10 years old).

Steve has been working for large corporations for over 20 years and about 2 years ago he thought it would be a great idea to put the career aside, take a year out of our lives to be together as a family and travel to other parts of the world.

Steve: I am so very grateful for this adventure and I look at this trip as a gift of time that we are all giving each other. Time that can never be taken away from us.

Amy left the advertising job she loved about 10 years ago to manage the house and her family. She wasn’t big on this trip at the beginning but soon warmed up to the possibilities and then almost overnight became the Director of Travels. She has led the charge of everything from all travel arrangements, passports and visa’s, virtual/homeschooling the kids for a year, immunizations, etc., etc.

Amy: My husband is relentless and for every challenge I had as to why we shouldn’t take this trip, he had an answer.  I have enjoyed all the learning in just preparing for this trip and look forward to making memories with some of the coolest people I know – my husband and my kids.

Kendal is finishing 8th grade and will be entering 10th grade, high school, when we return.  She is the family talker (and we love her for that), she has an infectious personality of happiness and great patience.  She told her aunt “it’s not always going to be pretty” but we’ll make it through.

Kendal: I am scared, excited, nervous, and ecstatic that we, some small town people, get to experience a trip that some people would kill for.  I personally cannot wait until Greece, I have wanted to go there since I first saw Mama Mia, and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants! I will probably die on the spot from the amazing beauty of the country, its culture and people (hopefully I’ll meet my own Paolo as well 😉 ) 

Keegan is finishing 5th grade and will be entering 7th grade, middle school, when we return. Since birth he has been a funny, sarcastically witty (which he gets from his Mothers side of the family), older than his age, teenager-type.

Keegan: We leave on our trip in a couple of weeks and I am really excited. I still won’t believe it until we are on the plane to Germany. I know we will see a lot but the top places I want to see are:

  • Victoria Falls in Zambia, Africa
  • Greece
  • Dresden, Germany to see the woman’s World Cup
  • Croatia
  • The Great Wall of China

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