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Back to School & PE – Cape Town

Author: Keegan


Well, you haven’t heard from me in a while.  Do you want to know why you haven’t heard from me?  It’s because Kendal and I started school just like all the other kids.  Instead of a teacher or teachers in front of us to talk to we have a virtual school called Florida Virtual School (or FLVS). Basically you take your class online, you have a pace chart of assignments and tests you take by a certain date.  You might think it’s fun because we don’t have a teacher but we do have teachers that we talk to over the phone when we have an oral exam or an exam to get a password or to ask questions. They’re all nice teachers.  My favorite subject is science.  For each of our classes we have modules we mainly have 8 but in science for me I have 6 modules (have you thought why I like it the most yet :-).

We also started PE!!  Every weekday we go to a health club (Virgin Active) and practice with a local swim team.  The coach is really nice to us, he welcomed us in like it was no big deal.   I haven’t swam as a sport for a few years so it is quite a different workout for me and it is fun.  You might also be wondering what I am wearing to swim…. I am wearing….babababaaaa a speedo but not the tiny kind, the boy shorts style with a cap and goggles.  I am NOT inserting photos but I will tell you that…I look nice!!!

Since we swim with the team we were invited to what they call a “Nipper Challenge”.  It is where all the kids (the “nippers” that are in lifeguard training) on the swim team go to the beach for a fun competition.  First you run in the sand, then there is a course in the ocean (that is way too cold) that you complete 3 times; once swimming, then you go grab a boogie board and do the course with that and after that you use a Malibu board.  The kids swam in the water with wet suites, they had them just in case and they needed them.  We didn’t have any, hoping the water would be warm enough but it wasn’t so we just watched, I did do the sand run.  They served chicken burgers, which were really good.  It was a fun event at the beach!  We also saw a beached whale that was dead 😦 and really decomposed, it was really sad.  Other than that it was an awesome day!

We haven’t seen many of the sites because we have so much time here and have been settling in, but last night we did go to the Gold Museum for dinner.  Before they gave us dinner we had an awesome drum class.  We all got a drum and it got really loud.  We did beats it was awesome!  We didn’t have to order food they just gave us food and told us what type of African food it was.  There were 5 courses, soup, stew, appetizer, main course, and dessert.  While we were eating there were 3 puppet shows, dancers and a singer.  The puppets were at least 8 feet tall with a person inside of it.  I was lucky enough to get to do a traditional dance with one of the guys that wasn’t a puppet.  It was a great night!


Here we are with our drum instructors

Me and Mom with one of the puppets

Kendal and Mom joined the act

Here I am doing "my thing"!

Getting our briefing before the “Nipper Challenge”, that’s Lion Head Mountain in the background.

The water is always beautiful but cold this time of year.


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