Good Bye Cape Town

12 Nov

Author: Amy, Kendal, Keegan and Steve

Amy –  Coming to the end of our stay in South Africa.  Wow!  Have we learned a lot!  For one the kids started Virtual School here – and yes, they are learning.  Our naïve perception of Africa as a whole and the many countries here, including South Africa has completely changed.  I’m so happy to have had this experience for myself but I am doubly excited that my kids, at their young age, have had the same experience.  My perception of Africa will forever be changed and theirs will be molded on first hand experience that has been so beautiful and positive it’s just very exciting.  If anyone is contemplating a trip to Africa I say – go for it!  You will NEVER regret it and it’s better than anyone can tell you.  That’s not to say that every corner is safe and wonderful, unfortunately with bad people and bad leaders – which are in every country, there are bad pockets.  Our opinion has been formed over the 90 plus days we have been here.  I know I was very cautious at first and waited for the negative to overtake but that didn’t happen.  We found the goodness in so many people.  Our apartment has a wonderful staff – they are short term rentals and we became one of the longer stays for them and we all got know each other.  They said that we are now a part of their family which is one of the biggest compliments we could have received.  Their priority was to make sure we were happy and had everything we needed – they spoiled us . . . thank you Lawhill Apartments.  Steve took a chance with his cooking class and met some great people.  The kids and I met incredibly nice families while swimming with the swim team. We have learned so much from them and are so sad to leave them.  I believe we will see them again either in the United States or back here in Cape Town (yes, they said we could come back!).  Their Swim Coach, Csanad treated them like one of the squad.  Also, we were able to see a school in action while the kids took Hip Hop dance class.  All the kids wear uniforms here – not just a polo and shorts to the knee.  Real Harry Potter type with high socks, blazers and vests even ties for the older boys.  Kendal can’t pick a favorite she loves one uniform more than the next.  They would leave Hip Hop and say – the kids are soooo nice to me and to each other.  They adore their cool teacher Mandy – the epitome of Hip Hop.  We feel so blessed to have had this experience and to take all the love and goodness with us on the rest of our journey.

Kendal –  My thoughts on Africa before we got here was, oh geeze this will be an…interesting…adventure, why would my parents bring me to Africa??? Back home you hear of all the scary stuff that happens here. But the thing is, what we thought was wrong.  We have met so many kind people here, and we have been to so many nice places. I have come to think of Cape Town, South Africa as my second home. I’m so lucky to have so many second homes, Germany, Greece, Croatia now South Africa.  Thank you to all the people who have made this visit extremely better than I thought it could ever be.  I hope that all the new friends that we made will come visit us in America someday, because they are always welcome!

Keegan – Before I got here I couldn’t wait to go home – I thought I was missing out on starting school with my friends.  Now that I’ve been here I can’t wait to come back.  Africa is wonderful and not scary like you might think it would be.  The safari was awesome, Victoria Falls was amazing and Cape Town is a spectacular place.  I love being outside and Africa has so much to do and see.  Thanks to all the nice people that made my visit better than expected.  Come see me in America!

Steve – I feel blessed for the great friends we have met in Cape Town and that they are now a part of our lives . . . thank God for Africa!!

The kids with Coach Csanad

Out at dinner one night with good friends; Skyela, Brandon and Amicah

Dinner with friends - Nicci is hiding

The kids were lucky enough to get a picture with Australian Cricket player, Mitchell Johnson; one of the top cricket bowlers in the world and a really nice guy.

Here I am with my dazzling friend Nicci - she's the one hiding behind me in the dinner picture

The kids with Hip-Hop and choreography superstar Mandy!

Here with my good friend Christine with traditional face paintings at Moyo Restaurant

I had to throw this picture in - on our way to swim we stalked Steve on one of his long runs on Beach Road and Kendal took this picture from the car. Steve loved that run.


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5 responses to “Good Bye Cape Town

  1. Carey

    November 17, 2011 at 5:09 pm

    Looks like Africa in on the list of places to visit! I just want to be sure the cricket player is there when I go!!! Kendal…good for you getting a picture with him! Steve…the run looks AWESOME! Good for you! Beautiful scenery while on a long run! I am sure it is not easy leaving….

  2. Tina (sis)

    November 18, 2011 at 5:13 pm

    It’s been a great adventure for me too. Thanks, love ya.

  3. Grandpa & Grandma, Mom & Dad

    November 18, 2011 at 5:32 pm

    How blessed you are to have such a WONDERFUL experience. Many more good friends for all of you!!!!
    Lots of luv

  4. Caroline

    November 21, 2011 at 4:29 pm

    Hey guys!!!!! Sorry i havent been posting so much but ive had a lot of…school…sooo umm lets cancel that dance contest cause… this is hard to say but but… … i stink at hip hop!!!!! so you have an automatic win!!!!!!!! yay for you boo for me :,( 😉 I miss you guys so so so much!!!!! BTW all the onext posts im gonna post are gonna be in esponol. hee hee hee!!! 🙂

  5. Caroline

    November 21, 2011 at 4:32 pm

    Hola muchachos! ¿Cuál es Shakin en España! 🙂


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