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Toboggan Ride & Aquarium – Cape Town

Author: Keegan

Well hello again I am back and ready to entertain you…or will I… only you shall know. We are still in Cape Town and I am still doing swim training five days a week for PE, which is tons of fun.  My coach for swim is really nice; he helps me stay strong and fit.  I am also going to take a Hip Hop Dance class soon. I went and saw one of the classes, it was really cool, I am really looking forward to taking Hip Hop. One of the cool things about living in a new city is exploring the fun activities for kids. There is this cool Tobogganing place we went to and it’s like the Luge at the Olympics but not on ice.  We went really fast but probably not as fast as Olympic Toboggan people. My mom and my sister were scared at first so the first couple times they went slow so sometimes people behind them got stuck behind them.

A funny story about my mom from that day was:

Mom: So how fast are you allowed to go and has anyone ever got hurt or seriously injured.

Release Guy at top of the hill: There is no limit on how fast you can go and no one has every gotten hurt since I worked here?

Mom: How long have you worked here?

Release Guy at the top of the hill: 5 days!

Then he just lets her go as he kind of laughs as he watches her go down the hill yelling.  That was a really fun day for all of us I think we all enjoyed it.

That's me and Kendal getting ready to fly down. If you're wondering, that safety message is in Afrikaans below the english version.

That was a great day!

We also bought an unlimited family pass to the Two Oceans Aquarium.  It’s really close and we can walk there anytime.  We’ve learned when they feed the animals.  So far we have seen the penguin, sharks, stingrays and turtles get fed.  I’m learning about all the different fish and thinking of getting an aquarium when I get home.

There is a huge, cool looking eel right when you walk into the Two Oceans Aquarium.

In the center of the Clown tank is a hole you can climb under just like you're in the tank with them.

That's Yvonne, she's really nice and teaches us a lot of stuff about different living things in the ocean.

I like watching the sharks get fed.

We spent one day on Table Mountain.  There is a huge gondola you can take up and down.  It spins around slowly as it moves you up the cableway.   It’s a cool, very fast ride up and down.  While on the top we saw an animal I never saw before.  It’s called a Dassie (Rock Hyrax), it’s a cute little bunny looking fuzzy rodent.  Amazingly its closest living relative is the Elephant.  South Africa is trying to make Table Mountain one of the 7 new wonders of the world.  I think that we will never have a better memory of any other place in the world (we will still have other great memories though).

This is the view the Dassies have on top of Table Mountain where they live.

Here's a Dassie close-up.

Here we are having breakfast at a Farmers Market

Lucky we didn't run into any baboons on this outing, I heard some of them are as big as me!

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