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Sandboarding – Cape Town

Author: Amy

There are places that we see in life that really are beyond any expectation.  When we come upon some natural wonder I just can’t seem to get enough and am so overcome with joy.  Who can have negative energy when seeing one of God’s many natural wonders?  It reinforces my faith in God and his true intention to create beauty in this world.  This week we tried a sport I had never even heard of before arriving in South Africa.  It’s very possible it is done in the US without us knowing about it.  Sandboarding on sand dunes.  We met our teacher, Upi, at the Atlantic Sand Dunes.  The beauty of this place is indescribable.  We had the most perfect day.  The bluest, cloud free sky on a cool sunny day against the whitest rolling sand dunes.  We left our car in the parking lot and Upi drove us over some dunes in his jeep.  We all did a united “WOW” as we entered the huge white dunes.  It was as though we landed on another planet.  It kept getting better as you walked on the dunes the sand was cool and soft and so welcoming.  That experience will be with all of us forever.

Sandboarding is similar to snowboarding except you are barefoot strapped into footings that hold your feet to the board.  You need to wax your board every few runs to keep it slick.  We all had success in the sport – I was lucky to have had a helmet as I did make a few beautiful wipeouts.  Laying on the ground after was just so beautiful it’s hard to complain that you’re hurt.  Recovery is a bit longer at my age (I hate that part!).

Upi brought along a sled as well which was great fun to sit and go down the hills.  It’s a bit like snow sledding as you need to climb back up the hill. It was a full workout of a day. The longer the run the higher the climb.  Throughout the day Keegan kept saying “I love this day”!

Kendal climbing the hill

Keegan waxing his board.

She's got it!!

Boarding "dudes"

Sledding in the sand - big fun!

Steady . . . I like it!

Beauty of the dunes and table mountain

Sand dunes everywhere!!


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