Parque Maria Luisa – Sevilla, Spain

15 Dec

Author: Amy

While in Sevilla we are getting around town by foot.  It is a condensed area and we are able to get around quite easily.  Every day we get out and explore, today we headed to Parque Maria Luisa.  After walking about 40 minutes to get to the huge park, which is part of the Plaza de España, we decided to treat ourselves with the four person bike.  It was a lot of fun and Kendal was definitely our motor.  It’s a great way to enjoy the park because there is so much to see.  There are statues, ponds and fountains throughout.  We even went into the two museums that were there; the Traditional Arts and Customs Museum and the Archaeological Museum.  Beautiful buildings one had all sorts of tools used throughout time and the other was full of marble statues from uncovered ruins. The park is just gorgeous. One of the ways to know you’re in Sevilla is the orange tree’s – they are everywhere! Our timing of cities is often in the “off-season” to get better rates on lodging, etc.  The weather really hasn’t been an issue as good locations are nice even in the “off-season”.  The afternoon was cool but very pleasant.  The streets are full of people enjoying the outdoors.  The parks always have an outdoor café that serves coffee, beer and snacks.  The cafés are full of well-dressed people enjoying themselves.  The Plaza de España has a waterway in front of it that you can rent rowboats and row around, it is an outing we have saved for another day but are looking forward to trying.

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A pretty hill with a gazebo on top.

The Traditional Arts and Customs Museum

Enjoying the ride!

Archaeological Museum

One of the MANY orange trees. We didn't really pick one - we don't know the rules but people don't seem to pick them.

Mother, daughter moment in the park.

The Plaza de España - see the rowboat behind us.

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Posted by on December 15, 2011 in Spain


One response to “Parque Maria Luisa – Sevilla, Spain

  1. Carey

    December 16, 2011 at 5:50 am

    Another gorgeous site in Sevilla! It looks like a beautiful day in the park with fresh air, sunshine, and family! I love the architecture!


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