The Amazing Malls in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia

05 Feb

Author: Keegan

Hi Everyone,

We were just in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and one thing I wanted to tell you about Kuala Lumpur is their shopping malls are hugely amazing!  One of the first malls that we went to had a TON of cool stuff to do. We were hungry but we didn’t want to have a whole meal so we decided to have some ice cream instead, they have a lot of different and really cool ice cream shops and the one we went to had four soft serve machines with all of these different unique flavors.  So you choose which flavor and then you fill the cup with how much or how little ice cream you want, then you get to put whatever toppings you choose on top. They weigh it and that’s how you pay for it!  Oh and I forgot to mention almost all of the people are super nice and friendly.  Did I forget to mention the mall was HUGE, it had 10 floors and inside of it there was a THEME PARK, yes, you read that right a huge theme park inside of the mall!! There was a ginormous roller coaster that went around the whole room it was in!!! We didn’t go on it though because our family isn’t a big fan of rides. LOL. That same day my mom, Kendal and my dad each got a haircut. I didn’t get one though because I didn’t think I needed one yet. After that we went to go do some good old archery with a bow and arrow (also inside of the mall). For lunch we had some really good Pad Thai. There was also a movie theater and bowling alley in the mall, which we didn’t do that day but my dad and I bowled a different day.  For me the most um…. how am I going to say this AWESOME and UNIQUE thing EVER was our fish spa.  There are these tiny little fish, they call doctor fish or garra rufa fish, that are inside of a tank that has an open lid, you put your feet in and get your feet like um… smoother. They get smoother because when the fish nibble your toes they get all of the dead skin off so your feet become smoother than ever! When you put your feet in the tank they all SWARM TO YOUR FEET and it tickled so much that I couldn’t help laughing — hysterically! I am a bit embarrassed because during the time when there was only like five minutes until we could take our feet out, Kendal, Mom and Dad’s fish were all tired of eating and resting but my little fish were STILL EATING and when I put my feet in further they just climbed up my leg and it tickled even more than before!  After we got our feet smoothed up we decided to go back and have a good nights rest after an amazing day at the mall.

P.S. We are a little behind on our blogging because right now we are in Chiang Mai, Thailand; so sorry for the inconvenience.

From The Angeles Family

Here's a part of the rollercoaster, the other half leads into another large room.

That's my mom and Kendal at the archery room, they both really liked it.

There I am taking aim

I took this picture because I thought it was funny how long they washed Kendal's hair without using any water.

My mom laughed a lot that day, she kept telling the stylist's that she didn't want her hair curled but they just kept saying, "It's okay, it's okay, we make you sexy for you husband". So I guess that hair style is sexy, LOL!

I didn't want to put my feet in at first so the guy that works there helped me by putting them in for me.

They loved my feet!!


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5 responses to “The Amazing Malls in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia

  1. Eva G.

    February 5, 2012 at 3:39 pm

    Fun! John and Marlie did the fish tank thing in chiangmai when we were there, Hannah And I opted out and went to a cooking school, instead. Will you be going up to Mae Hong Son while you are there? We loved it.

  2. Carey

    February 10, 2012 at 10:33 am

    SO much fun! I am as far behind on reading your blogs as you are on entereing them!!! Life gets busy!!! Love the hairdos! Ladies…you look Gorgeous!

  3. Caroline

    February 10, 2012 at 3:26 pm

    10 storie mall, AWESOME! Archery class, SPECTACULAR! Sexy mama haircut, MORE AWESOME! Fish eating your feet… … DISGUSTING!!!!! 😛

  4. Lori F

    February 16, 2012 at 4:16 pm

    Love the fish!! Always thought that would be cool, until I learned that bacteria can grow in tanks and make people very sick. Looks like yours was a good one!! Way to go Keegan!! Did your mom put her feet in? LOL Great hair BTW!!

  5. Lynn

    February 20, 2012 at 8:31 pm

    Gates wants to have fish at his feet too!!! We miss you all and cant wait to have you back in the boring world of our town!


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