Cooking Class – Chiang Mai, Thailand

02 Apr

Author: Keegan

Me in the Kitchen!

One of our activities in Chiang Mai was taking a Thai cooking class. The school picked us up from the hotel in an overcrowded pick-up truck but all the people who were taking the class in the truck were really nice.  They first took us to one of their local food markets to teach us about all the ingredients we would be using to make our food. After the market they drove us out to this farm type location in the country to do our cooking class.  While we were in the truck we got a list and we checked off what meals we wanted to make. Kendal and I shared a cooking station and we made Pad Thai, Chicken and Cashew Nuts, Green Curry and Banana in Coconut Milk for dessert.  (I preferred the Chicken and Cashew nuts). Our chef (her nickname was Pineapple) that taught us how to make the food was SUPER nice and funny! A few times Pineapple brought out her telephone and played American music and sang along to it.  She knew all the words and told us she loved to go out dancing.  We got a small tour of the property and saw a lot of the different vegetables and spices that they grow right there. It was really fun to make the Pad Thai because we got to use a special pan and our instructor showed us how to toss the noodles in the air (sometimes some noodles came out of the pan).  That day I felt like a professional chef; chopping, dicing, frying it was a really fun time!  The day we did the class was on Valentine’s Day and Pineapple always found a way to fit “love” in a sentence! We had some other people that did the class with us.  There were 10 cooking stations with our one instructor.  They came from a lot of different places such as England, Ireland, Holland and Russia.  We made so many different meals it was a lot to eat.  My mom brought back her spring rolls that she made so we could have them as a snack for later and MAN were they good! My mom also made mango sticky rice – that was the days favorite dessert.  Well that was our cooking experience in Chang Mai!

At the market learning about the Thai spices - that's our instructor Pineapple.

In their garden - checking out the veggies and herbs.

Dad getting busy in the kitchen - he will be an excellent chef by the time we get home. When Dad was putting in all his red chili peppers, because he likes it spicy, Pineapple said, "spicy good today but tomorrow I can not save you"!

Busy, busy and so much fun!!

We all ate together after we made each dish.

Fun in the kitchen - wish you were here!!

Yep, Kendal and I made that - so yummy!!

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One response to “Cooking Class – Chiang Mai, Thailand

  1. Jordan E

    April 2, 2012 at 4:24 am

    this looks so fun!!!! I want it all. I dont know if you guys love japanese food at home, but i LOVE it and miss it. so i have been making my own fried rice with chicken and brocclii (who knows how the spell brocclii, i dont) but there is no shrimp sauce and it doesnt taste as good, so you should take a cooking class in Japan and give me tips!!!!!!!!


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