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Salzburg, Austria – Fraulein Maria

Author: Amy

While in Austria we stayed in the town of Salzburg.  We decided not to rent a car and knew we probably could venture out to the beautiful ski towns with the bus or train.  While I was researching where to stay there were many options in the ski towns but it seemed that we’d have to rent a car.  I spent many hours deliberating because we love cool summer weather, being from a warm climate, but I didn’t want to be stranded out on some deserted mountain – I just didn’t have input from anyone that had spent time in the summer there.  Our apartment was “fine”.  We were overpromised and under delivered a bit, but such is life.  We were just across the street from the beautiful Mirabell gardens and were lucky to spend a lot of time there – it had a great park for the kids and random school chorus/bands would play each day.  It was fun to see their enthusiasm and talent.  One day we took the “Fraulein Maria, Sound of Music Bike tour”.  We saw all the sights from the movie; the Von Trapp home (two were used for the movie – we saw them both); the famous Gazebo (I am sixteen, going on seventeen  . . .); and the Abby.  Many of the scenes were shot in the Mirabell Park that we were staying near.  It was a fabulous day – a 4-hour bike tour.  It also included most of the sights of Salzburg – Mozart’s home and the Salzburg castle.  Salzburg is set upon the river Salzach, which makes it a very pretty city. Another day we took the local bus out to a ski village called “Jenner” and took a gondola up to the very top (which is in the Berchtesgaden National Park).  The view was breathtaking.  We enjoyed a light lunch and hiked down to the midpoint gondola, a 1.5 hour hike straight downhill.  The path was gravel and you really had to concentrate on not slipping.  Along the path we encountered some gorgeous cows with bells around their necks.  It just seemed so cute and rustic, until I got closer and saw how massive these animals were and my non-animal instinct/fear overtook me.  Good thing Kendal stayed calm.  We enjoyed our time in Salzburg and a week was long enough to see what we wanted to see.

Looks Like a pretzel but it's really a donut

View of the Salzburg Castle

Great bike tour

Is Fräulein Marie home?

Von Trapp home

I am 16 going on 17...

A view from Berchtesgaden National Park

Keegan took this shot and kept saying, "Dad, do not move back"!!

Stop saying, "Mooo" just keep moving!



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