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Paros, Greece

Author: Kendal

I have been dying to go to Greece. Ever since I first saw The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Mamma Mia I have been longing to see it. I have sung the songs to Mamma Mia at least 400 times. We went to our “little island” (a phrase said in Mamma Mia) on a high-speed ferry; it took 3½ hours. We were able to get a glimpse of the other islands and what we should expect on our ride out to our destination: the island of Paros. The ferry ride went very quickly, it was incredible to be on the sea blue water with a clear blue sky.  The day just kept getting better and better.  Paros seems not that busy which I like and seems to consist of mainly Greeks! A person holding a sign up with our hotel name, Hotel Afrodite, picked us up at the port. His name is Arsenis and he is super nice and he drove us to our hotel. We were then taken to heaven, he took us in our hotel and I fell madly in love with it! It consisted of everything I had wanted from Greece.

We started our first full day in Greece by eating in our amazingly awesome Hotel Afrodite! The breakfast was delightful. It has a really nice staff, and the place is beautiful, it’s like it was cut out of a movie and plopped down right by the beach. It has a little garden in the back where you can buy a drink and relax while reading or playing cards with the family. It’s about a 3-minute walk from the front steps to the beach, about 1 block. After breakfast we went and changed into our swimsuits and headed out for a walk. We walked along the beach and past the shops. Then Dad and I went and climbed out on these huge rocks into the sea. The wind was blowing like crazy and almost pushed us over a couple of times (almost). We walked to another beach and found many different sea urchins within the rocks; we also went in the water a little. After that we walked to the grocery store and bought a couple of things we were in need of.  Later we walked back to the hotel, where Mom and I went on the Internet and the boys played cards in the garden out back. When we were done with that, we got ready for dinner. We headed toward the beach and ate at the cutest restaurant right on the water, the water is crystal clear and you can see the sea urchins from our table. It was about 8pm; it seems everyone eats later here. We had fresh calamari, some grilled feta and bread (very tasty), fresh caught Sea Bream fish (with some yummy sauce), and then some watermelon for dessert. Afterwards we walked back to the greekest hotel for a good night’s rest. Welcome to Greece!  We love it here!!

I love our room - when we walked in there was candy on the bed, drinks for me and Keegan and Mom and Dad got a bottle of wine, all gifts from the Hotel.

That's me standing in front of Hotel Afrodite.

Aliki Beach in Paros, Greece

Aliki Beach - that's Keegan and me swimming.

We got to watch the US Women's Soccer Team beat France in a restaurant on the beach before dinner one night.

Fresh calamari, yummy!

Sea Bream - very tasty!

It was a great night!


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