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ATV’s in Paros

Author: Keegan

So hello again it’s a me a Mario, just kidding its me Keegan and today we tried to go to a yoga studio thingy. We walked for a while and kind of got lost. So we all yelled at each other saying “we were suppose to go that way” or “WE ARE NOT LOST” (Dad yelled that, sorry Dad for putting that in).  So we finally found it and it was really small and we didn’t see anyone so we went back to the beach to make a plan. When we got there (it took a while after we got lost) we said well let’s go see if we can go on a snorkeling tour but they said it was too windy.  We couldn’t do it today but they said we could do it Sunday so we made reservations.  Then we went back to the beach and said, “lets just have another beach day” (such hard decisions) and we decided that Kendal and I were going to stay at the beach while the parents went to get all the toys, snorkel and sun-tan lotion (we were already wearing our swim suits).   I went in the ocean while Kendal did whatever a Kendal does. About 30 minutes later only Dad comes back jogging and says, “we got the ATVs for today not tomorrow” (we were suppose to get them on Friday).  So (YIPPEE!!) we got the ATVs and we got gas for them both because one was really low.  We cruised around the island and we made a stop to change our high-speed ferry reservation out of the island to Monday because we were actually staying till Monday not Sunday.  While we were there, in a town called Parikia, we had lunch.  After lunch we rode for about 1 hour until we saw a cute town and tried to find a pool.  We finally found a pool/bar/hotel that was a resort, it was empty, no one in the pool and no one in the hotel lobby but it was open…. Strange, so we asked if we could use their pool.  We were hot from driving around the island.  It’s cool because you can drive the ATVs on the regular roads on the island.  The hotel people were nice and said we could use the pool so my mom and dad got ice-cappuccino’s and Kendal and I got water and we went swimming for about an hour with no charge whatsoever (except the drinks)!!!  After that we went back on the ATVs and cruised around the island some more, then we saw another cute village and we went down there. As we walked on the rocks we saw a couple different type of fish. Soon after that we got back on the ATVs and went back to Aliki to our hotel where we had a quick snack and then went to sleep…ZZZZ…zzzzz…ZZZZZ…zzzzz…

Yes, the story continues, we had the ATVs for 24 hours so early the next morning we started up the ATVs and went to a little island off of Paros called Antiparos.  It was a great morning, we had to take a ferry over so we drove the ATVs right onto the ferry and took a 7-minute ride.  Breakfast was delicious.  My parents let Kendal and I drive the ATVs for a little bit. It was a RUSH!! You could feel the power in your grip it was like you could do anything you wanted to do!  I wish we could have had them the whole week!

Kendal downloaded the Harry Potter Book 7 Part 1 of 2 movie so we could refresh our memories before we see the new one. After her download, which took about 3 hours (during which we all just chilled out), we went down to the beach for a late dinner.  Wow! What a long, fun two days!


Beautiful Church in the Village of Aliki

We couldn't find mules but these bad boys suited us fine

Our awesome break from the ATV's in our private resort

On the ferry headed to Antiparos

I was ready to ride at all times!

Panagia Ekatontapiliani - also known as the Church of 100 Doors is in Parikia and dates back to 326AD (from my dad)

Oh how I Iove the feel of the open road!


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