Cape Town – Old Biscuit Mill

23 Oct

Author: Amy

Being on the road our “honey do” list is not very long so we are able to go for coffee and visit all the fun places in town.  It’s exciting to venture out and stumble upon places, we have found some very cute cafes to have coffee.  It’s quite a fun treat.  We all have been watching a work crew erect a new ferris wheel at the waterfront for the past month it’s called the Wheel of Excellence.  We had to go on it, we really enjoyed the ride, and it’s a great view of the waterfront.

Wheel of Excellence

A great day for a ride!

The view of the waterfront from the top.

Without any soccer games or chores we like to find a fun market to visit on the weekends.  It serves multiple purposes.  Steve can find some ingredients for his cooking adventures, we get to see the locals in action and we find delicious foods to fill our bellies.  Our favorite find so far has been the Old Biscuit Mill.  It’s a cute old Mill that on Saturdays fills with stalls of locals selling their local goods.  The middle of the rooms are set with long tables (old doors connected end-to-end) with candles lit on them.  It’s a very shabby chic scene that is just so fun to be a part of and makes you want to come back every Saturday (we have gone more than once).  We make it fun by giving the kids money before we leave that they can spend on whatever they like.  Keegan is always saving for “something”.  The funniest thing is watching him eat waffles with no syrup (it cost about $.25 US for syrup) because he was too cheap!  If you know Keegan and his love of breakfast and syrup you too would love to see this.  The ironic thing is later he will pull out his money and say, “Mom, you want me to buy you a drink?”  My little man!

Keegan's famous waffle stand

This was a different Saturday morning where Keegan decided to splurge and spent a little extra!

Inside the Old Biscuit Mill

Crispy pizza flambé - oh so yummy!


Posted by on October 23, 2011 in South Africa


2 responses to “Cape Town – Old Biscuit Mill

  1. Heather

    October 23, 2011 at 2:20 pm

    The waffles look awesome!

  2. Grandma & Grandpa

    October 25, 2011 at 9:51 pm

    Keegan, I can’t believe you would give up syrup. I know how you love it. This looks like my kind of day and my kind of place too. Looks like fun!


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