Museum and Home Ec – Cape Town

31 Oct

Author: Keegan

Hi remember me?   I know you do – you’ve been waiting for me right?  RIGHT?!?!?!?   My TA (teacher’s assistant -TA is what you will hear for the rest of the blog. A.K.A Dad/Steve) and I have taken a few field trips together while in Cape Town.  Sometimes I finish my schoolwork before someone else (not mentioning any names).  One trip was a science field trip.  We went to the Planetarium to get additional Science smarts, I already have a science class on-line and we all love to watch MythBusters so this is additional work.  We strolled into the entrance and bought the tickets for the Museum that was connected to the Planetarium and then my TA asked if these included the Planetarium and they said…the Planetarium was closed.  So we ended up taking just a history field trip instead.  We saw some really cool prehistoric animals and saw that a lot of animals that you may draw or think in your head are probably real.  Also did you know that if we humans had wings we could fly?  After our little history class we went out for lunch and went to this restaurant called The Sea Palace.  We wanted sushi – it’s my favorite these days.  When we got inside we were surprised at how it looked — really fancy but no one was really there so we didn’t have to worry about having to fit in.  We both had sushi I had a California roll and my dad had a Rainbow Nation roll.  We shared them and they were both pretty good.  While we were eating a group of 7 people came in 6 were tourists the other was the guide.  They had this cool spinning table so when they asked for something they would just have to spin it.  While on the trip I really want to go to a sushi bar that has a conveyor belt that has sushi on it going in a circle and you just grab off what you want and eat it.  My TA and I are planning to go back to the Planetarium next week.

That's me in front of the whale exhibit.

I told my dad to act afraid and this is what he gave me.

Moving on then.

Another one of my field trips with the TA was a Home Economics class (some may call it Home Ec).  We made gnocchi and calamari.  The gnocchi my sister helped with and my dad and I made the calamari.  A little something he learned at cooking school and passed along to me.  We cleaned the calamari took off the head, took out the guts and took their eyes out too. They are slimy little buggers. The gnocchi didn’t turn out THAT well…but Kendal and my dad know what went wrong so they are going to try again before we leave Cape Town.  But the calamari was pretty good.  We had to take the trash out that night because the trash was smelling REALLY BAD it is beyond belief how bad the trash would have smelled if we left it overnight. It is indescribable!

The calamari was fun to clean but I'm sure we won't be doing that every week.

Here's the plate of the finished calamari.

My final report is a full family trip to a local farm.  It was a bit overcast but a fun day with a cool playground at the restaurant.  One thing in Cape Town there are tons of cool restaurants with awesome play grounds. There was a rooster that was attacking my dad it was really funny to see him try not to hurt it but try to get it away from him.  He asked the waiter if he bites and the waiter said yes.

That's Kendal about to swing on the tree rope.

Day trips to farms and vineyards are awesome!

Felix the rooster was really nice at first and then he turned into "Mr. Crazy Rooster"!

The scenery is always beautiful, it's like a fairytale.

All in all we are having a pretty great time in Cape Town South Africa.


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2 responses to “Museum and Home Ec – Cape Town

  1. Mary

    October 31, 2011 at 11:20 am

    Your trip continues to be astounding. Quick question. Wondering what airport you want Wilma to fly into……Thanksgiving is right around the corner! She has her applesauce and graham cracker cookies ready!

    Sending blessings, Mary Beth

  2. Julie E

    November 8, 2011 at 6:09 pm

    Yummy, the presentation is wonderful even if they did not cook right. Kendal the tree you are standing in front of is unbelievable. Keep up the funny stories Keegan. Grandma leaves tonight…..


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