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A Day in Cologne

Author: Amy

After another fabulous breakfast we headed via train to Cologne, Germany today.  Thank goodness for our hostess because even though it is very impressive how many people speak english here many do not (obviously since we are in Germany) and we are having a hard time understanding the language.  We visited the huge Cologne Cathedral and climbed 532 stairs to the top.  This amazing cathedral has structures dating back to as early as 870 AD.  We ate at a very cool Gasthaus for lunch and had some traditional Ochsenschwanzsuppe and Bratwurst.  We tried to get SIM cards for our unlocked phones and found that they were not “unlocked”  so much for our “techie” talent.  A few dollars later we have a local phone – so we can call our rental’s etc.  Let me tell you we laughed so hard at the thought of trying to speak to them over the phone in German, without the use of hand gestures.  Who knows if we’ll ever use the phone but we have it, just in case.  Our last stop in Cologne was a wonderful Schokolade (Chocolate) Museum.  We didn’t get home until after 8:30pm, we had a great spread of left-overs and a good number of Flensburger Beer’s to end the great full day!

Cologne train station

German Brezeln

Cologne Cathedral

Hmmm apples...

Schokolade Museum

Lunch in Cologne




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