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An Exciting Day in Oberhausen

Author: Keegan

Hi it’s me Keegan. Well today was fun. The End……… Just kidding, I will tell you what happened today in Germany. Well first we had a scrambled eggs breakfast. After that, we went to a museum and climbed to the top of it and it was 104.95 meters off the ground. It was really high off the ground!!!!! It was very scary for Kendal and I. In the center of the museum was a HUGE fake tree. Every year it is a different thing in the center. Like last year was a HUGE moon… well that’s what I heard. After the museum we went to an attraction that was called ”tree2tree” it was an obstacle course in trees. You had a harness that held you up with karabinar’s and a roller and a very strong rope that can hold up to 4 tons and in between each obstacle there was a platform to hold you up while you wait for your turn. At the end of each course was a zip line. After that we went to dinner, which was delicious. Then we went back to the house we were staying at and had “ice”(ice cream) and chocolate. Then we Skyped with some people and went to bed around 11:30 (our time).

Keegan and his new German Buddy

Ready to head to Oberhausen

Waiting for our safety class

Keegan preparing for action

Kendal - It's a long way up

Keegan on his way down

Kendal in focus

The Dynamic Duo could have went 3 more hours



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