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The Inappropriate Man!!

Author: Steve

Honestly folks how does one measure what is and is not appropriate!

Well there we were on a platform in Dortmund, Germany waiting to get on a connection to Berlin. It’s rainy and cold, we are carrying pretty much everything we have on our backs but we are still all very happy after leaving our good friends in Gelsenkirchen. The train before our train approached the station and was there in a waiting pattern for about 5 minutes. There was a cute little blonde girl about 3 years old standing on the seat in the train looking out the window. She started waving at Kendal and me so we waved back; we did this for some time.  [I reminisced how Kendal was once that cute little girl with a hardy laugh as she still has.  I remembered how she used to call cookies “coo coo’s” and how she loved playing with her dolls for hours on end.  Now I look at Kendal and she’s a young lady who’s going into high school and will driving before we know it; how time does fly.]  Then this little blonde girl on the train started blowing us kisses (it seemed like she just learned how to do that).  So I “very innocently” blew her a kiss.

Amy: What did you just do?

Steve: I blew that little girl a kiss.

Amy: That’s kind of inappropriate isn’t it?

Steve: (thinking) – OMG I can’t believe Amy just said that to me!

All of our backpacks have a connection clasp in the front that goes across our chest and each one has a whistle incorporated in it for safety purposes (you can’t tell by looking at them). Before I could say anything…Keegan put his chin to his chest, put the whistle in his mouth and started blowing it.

Keegan: INAPPROPRIATE MAN, INAPPROPRIATE MAN, INAPPROPRIATE MAN!!! (yelling this while pointing at me and blowing his whistle – you see, this is my son’s humor).

It all happened so fast – my body froze.

Steve: Keegan stop it, are you crazy!!

Amy, Kendal and Keegan were all laughing hysterically (probably because my body completely froze except for my eyes which were racing back and forth at an extremely fast rate).  But I was not laughing. I was imagining the little girls Dad hearing Keegan through the windows of the train, getting the cops and now I’m in jail.  It wouldn’t be so funny then, would it everyone!?

Steve: Kendal blew her a kiss!

Kendal: No I did not!

Steve: Yes you did, I saw you!

Kendal: No, I waved, I did not blow any kisses!

Amy and Keegan still crying of laughter and again I do not find this funny.

Steve: Kendal, blow her a kiss!

Kendal: What!?

Steve: Blow the kid a kiss!

Kendal: No, why?

Steve: Because then they’ll think we are just a happy family of “kiss blowers”! Just do it or would you rather I go to a German jail!!??

Kendal: Fine! (she reluctantly blows a kiss, the little girl smiles and the train rolls away).

Thank you Kendal!!

Amy and Keegan- we will meet again my laughing friends!!

My family of comedians on a train in Berlin

Inappropriate Man sporting stylish outfit


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