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Departure Date – June 14th!!!

Author: Steve

It’ 8:30am and I’m sitting at Starbucks. An unbelievable sense of emotion has just hit me like a Mac Truck, yeah it might be the lack of sleep and the Grande coffee but I’d rather believeĀ it’s because in a few hours we are about to leave our small town for a while and just be together! I’m not sure what tomorrow, next week or even next month will bring but that’s what’s so exciting!! (Note to self – investigate proper usage and etiquette when using exclamation points). Our backpacks are all packed and ready to go…a sense of calm has been rolling upon us since late last night and we can all feel it. I am so happy to be with my family and at the same time I am so happy to simply just “be”!!

Good Bye Home!


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