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I like to move it, move it!!

Author: Kendal

When we were on the train to Dresden from Berlin we were sitting around a table, on one side was Mom and Keegan and the other side was me and the bags. On the other side of the aisle and right next to me at a different table was Dad.

Round one

This one little girl/boy (I say girl/boy because none of us knew if it was a girl or a boy but we thought it was very cute) that was about 4 years-old was walking right past Dad to the bathroom and her/his dad was right behind her/him. Then my dad did this little wave at her/him with a ‘aren’t you cute’ face, and the girl/boy did it right back to him with a ‘I know I’m cute’ face. Then out of nowhere she/he reaches towards my dad, specifically at his neck and starts trying to tickle him! Her/his dad doesn’t do anything at first and kind of watches it, while my dad is making a panicked face and is having a hard time breathing. My mom and I are laughing so hard, as are most of the people who are watching (Keegan was asleep). So the kids dad then takes him/her to the bathroom and my dad is able to breathe again.

Round Two

When my dad starts to settle down and breathe again, she/he comes back and runs straight towards him with a ‘you are so much fun to play with’ smile. She/he stops right in front of my dad and smiles a huge smile, (her/his dad is still in the bathroom making his way slowly to her/him), while my dad gives him/her the ‘please don’t hurt me little girl/boy’ smile back, and then she/he lunges at him. More forcefully than the last time! My mother and I, the bad people we are, are laughing so hard that we are crying! And Dad can only lean away, stretching his neck back, and look terrified while she/he is having the time of her/his life trying to stick his/her fingers into my dad’s neck to tickle him. The father then turns up about 2-3 min later and takes him/her away.  Anyone who was watching is in tears by now.

Round Three

As we are getting our stuff together at the end of our trip, the little girl/boy is leaving and walks right past us. At that moment we were explaining what happened to Keegan and were all laughing, except Dad. She/he then comes right up to me and got really close to my face and says…”I like to move it, move it” (she/he must have seen the Madagascar movie where they play that song). I then smile and laugh a little.  Seeing that she/he got a response from me she looks at the rest of the family and says louder “I like to move it move it!”  We all laugh at how cute she/he is.  Then right before she/he walks out the door of the train she/he screams ” I LIKE TO MOVE IT, MOVE IT!!”  

Friends of the victim (my dad)


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